Hugh Byrne, PhD is a senior teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW) and a leading expert in the field of mindfulness and positive habit change.


Hugh Byrne, PhD - Leading expert in the field of mindfulness and positive habit change
By learning to pay attention to your thoughts and actions in the moment, you’ll discover how to let go of old patterns and create healthier habits and ways of living that will make you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good about you, you can do just about anything.
— Hugh Byrne, PhD

Hugh has practiced meditation for 30 years and completed a four-year meditation teacher training program with Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein and other senior Insight Meditation teachers. Hugh also teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and is trained in Somatic Experiencing, a mind-body approach to healing trauma.

Hugh has a law degree from London University and a PhD from UCLA, and worked for more than two decades in the field of human rights and social justice. He is the lead meditation teacher in the Garrison Institute’s Contemplative-Based Resilience (CBR) training for Syrian refugee aid workers in Jordan.

Hugh is the author of The Here-and-Now Habit and teaches classes and retreats in the Washington, DC, area, throughout the United States and internationally.

He is also a popular teacher on Insight Timer, with 20+ meditations for you to listen to!