Hugh Byrne website hugh-byrne.com redesignWelcome to my redesigned website and blog! The spring season is full of transformations, and Hugh-Byrne.com is no exception. I recently updated my website with a brand new look and mobile-friendly design. With this new blog, I will share reflections on mindfulness and habit change.

Some of the themes I’ll write aboout in this blog include:

  • Clarifying our deepest intentions, identifying habits that prevent us from living out our aspirations and committing to specific steps to make change.
  • Developing mindfulness skills for 1) preventing habits from being triggered before they arise, 2) working with habit energies when they arise and 3) responding with kindness and insight after habits have been acted out or avoided.
  • Cultivating acceptance, kindness and curiosity towards ourselves and our experience, which helps create the conditions for letting go of unhealthy habits and developing beneficial ones.

In the coming months I’ll also be sharing blog posts on mindful politics, including reflections on how mindfulness can help us respond with wisdom and kindness during a very intense political season. I hope you will join me for this discussion.

Be sure to check back often for information on upcoming classes, workshops and retreats, as well as videos, talks and guided meditations. Take a look around and let me know what you think of the improvements! Thanks for visiting.

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