Harnessing the power of meditation, we can abandon unhelpful habits and develop ones that lead to greater freedom and well-being.



Meditation is a practice of training your mind over time, developing mindfulness and deepening your awareness of the present moment with an attitude of kindness.

Mindfulness is:

  • the art of bringing a direct, non-judging awareness to your experience, moment by moment

  • a skillful means to work with life’s challenges

  • a path to cultivating peace, joy and freedom from suffering

Numerous scientific studies show that meditation generates better health, improved productivity and more happiness.

Hugh teaches meditation in Washington, DC and around the world to people of all ages and backgrounds. His hundreds of students—professionals, social activists, executives, veterans, retirees and others—discover the benefits for themselves, from greater well-being and inner peace to reduced stress and chronic pain.

Guided meditations